Thursday, October 22, 2009

Slippery slope....

The vegetable gardener has broken the fibula in the ankle. He slipped on the round fruit of the Cocos palms which are planted in one row on a fairly steep slope. This accident was like a chain reaction.
As it happened, Billy brought every day a piece of bread; which we do not like a he eats it and gets fat. We do not feed him bread. The Bandicoots must have brought it into our garden, as Bandicoots do that sort of thing! Anyway he wanted to investigate where the bread comes from. The Vegetable gardener went over the fence to ask our neighbour. She was not at home. While on the other side of the fence he saw a big Bowen Mangotree and thought he has a look if this tree is bearing any fruit this year. Generally Bowen Mangotrees do not bear fruit in our area as it is to wet when they set flower. The flowers are affected by a fungus. As it is a very dry spring this year he was interested to see if this tree would bring some fruit. He did not reach this tree as he slipped on the round fruits of the Cocos Palms. He had to get home on his knees as nobody could hear him calling for help! I do not know how he managed to get over the fence!
If there is a moral to this story, do not go over the fence to see the neighbours Mango trees!
Now, I have to take over the care of the Veggie garden as well, which is not a mean task...for the next six to eight weeks.