Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pictures and Paintings; a potpourri of memories;

Summer; ripe wheat, a view from a window; in the distance the village of Sommeri. Nomen est omen!

Hudelmoos; a preserved wetland area where we used to go for walks with the children.

The bee house in the garden; The poeta was a hobby bee keeper.

Our home; was; has been; happy days;

The pond where we went skating with the children.

Bought this on a trip to Appenzell; Naive painting on wood by Willi Keller.

I embroidered the Butterflies 1988.

Have we met? I received this water colour painting from my dear friend Jan.

Kilchberg ZH, drawing by Erika Streit, We got married here 1960. Our first home was Toediweg 2. The poeta had a business here. I was treasurer of the Skiclub Kilchberg. Now just memories.

The poeta and I have cherished this drawing; It has suffered with age spots like us!
The piano player is still playing his haunting tunes.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Today's Flowers; Salvia "Black Knight";

2.0 x 1.50m. Dark purple tubular flowers in black calyces are produced in abundance during the summer months. Great for the back of the border and very easy.

Salvias are some of my favourite plants in the summer garden. The tropical ones grow easily from 1 - 1.5 m in height. There are many colours to choose from, purple, yellow, hot pink, soft pink and mauve and blue and more.

In my garden they grow and bloom from spring into winter, when I cut them back. They also grow from cuttings taken in summer.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Teddy Bear Love;

The Studies Bear, it was given to Lilli when she was studying for her BA in Natural Medicine.

Oliver is a Christmas Bear and was given to Lilli when she came back from an overseas stay.
Roesli the Bear in front belonged to my sister, she gave me hers and our Mother's Bear.

Butzli Bear was made by my middle daughter Jacquei for me, when she was still at High school .

Matti was my Mothers Bear. The little bear in front is a foundling.

This was one of Lucian, my grandson's, bears. He would spend holidays here as a child. He is now 20, studies medicine and sometimes he still comes to study here because it is so nice and quiet, he says.The "Hostipel" bear as Lucian called it, where Jaqcuei worked in the Children's ward at the Mater Hospital.
Lena in front belonged to Lilli.

The name Teddy Bear comes from former United States President Theodore Roosevelt, whose nickname was "Teddy". The name originated from an incident on a bear-hunting trip in Mississippi in November 1902, to which Roosevelt was invited by Mississippi Governor Andrew H. Longino. There were several other hunters competing, and most of them had already killed an animal. A suite of Roosevelt's attendants, led by Holt Collier,[1] cornered, clubbed, and tied an American Black Bear to a willow tree after a long exhausting chase with hounds. They called Roosevelt to the site and suggested that he should shoot it. He refused to shoot the bear himself, deeming this unsportsmanlike,[2] but instructed that the bear be killed to put it out of its misery, and it became the topic of a political cartoon by Clifford Berryman in The Washington Post on November 16, 1902.[3] While the initial cartoon of an adult black bear lassoed by a white handler and a disgusted Roosevelt had symbolic overtones, later issues of that and other Berryman cartoons made the bear smaller and cuter.[4]
Morris Michtom saw the drawing of Roosevelt and the bear cub and was inspired to create a new toy. He created a little stuffed bear cub and put it in his shop window with a sign that read "Teddy's bear," after sending the bear to Roosevelt and receiving permission to sell the bears. The toys were an immediate success and Michtom founded the Ideal Novelty and Toy Co., which still exists today.[2]
At the same time, in Germany the Steiff firm, unaware of Michtom's bear, produced a stuffed bear from Richard Steiff's designs. They exhibited the toy at the Leipzig Toy Fair in March 1903 and exported 3000 to the United States.[2][5][6]
By 1906 manufacturers other than Michtom and Steiff had joined in and the craze for Teddy Bears was such that ladies carried them everywhere, children were photographed with them, and Roosevelt used one as a mascot in his bid for re-election.[5]
American educator Seymour Eaton wrote the children's book series The Roosevelt Bears,[7] while composer John Bratton wrote "The Teddy Bear Two Step" which, with the addition ofJimmy Kennedy's lyrics, became the song "The Teddy Bears' Picnic".[8]