Saturday, December 27, 2014

Parody of us;

THE  people, rhymes with  sheeple! The world was always controlled, from its earliest breath.. The first thing the two legged ones had to learn was fear. Mighty gods and goddesses were invented to control every move of us to keep us subdued and pliable.  Tribal leaders, priests, popes, Kings, queens and empresses, came and went, etc. etc. together they plotted, cheated and murdered their ways through the centuries, together with the best liars, the best hypocrites the ones with the blackest hearts and the slimiest smiles. On top of everyone are the greatest crooks the money makers who control everyone with military- and policing preciseness.

The good Earth, has always been a violent place, despite its beauty. It dazzles us with wonderful pictures of serenity and then it goes boom, a cyclone, a tsunami, the  violent eruption of a volcano. Animals eat animals, people eat animals, animals eat people, where does it stop? It never does, it is life. Always something, somewhere, someone pushes, takes on  superiority, even if it is over a small worm or ant we crush. Superiority has been reared and coveted since ever. Superiority is  not a  benign  trait  in people or in nature. We might protest and try to overcome violence with goodness. Some of us might arrive at a certain point, but we never reach Nirvana.
Globalization, complete control by the worst elements on earth. The ones who want the sheeple to be indebted and obedient for ever and ever and ever. So you good people out there do them a favour and spend the money they lend you. You need all this “crap” produced in slave factories to keep you from rational thinking.  And while you are playing with your 101 newest iphone, they dig your grave…hurry there is a new one available already…but there is a silver lining in every cloud, in the end, we all go the same way, where matter, undifferentiated and formless loses its substance.

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

It never ends...the world's requiem continues..

Children's Library in Singapore;

How beautiful could our world be....if...

Singapore uses its money to build beautiful libraries. They do not pay for wars some predators have instigated and make other nations to pay and even send their people to fight for them in the name of freedom. Freedom was always the big word to make people afraid and send the stupid to fight their wars.. Now they use the word terror  to instigate fear, people are always caught, because they always believe what the predators tell them.  Those predators are shrewd and cunning, true manipulators. They  stay in the background, their children are save, they are never send to fight for freedom or against  terror. They are save in their golden nests. It is not that the predators are  clever, they make lots of mistakes and then they say, we are sorry and then all is forgotten. Until a new plot is launched. It is interesting there is never enough money for the people but always plenty of money to fight wars which are not ours, but which are made to look like they are our wars with countries and people we do not know and personally have no quarrels.
The world is full of predators, they have always existed from the earliest time they  have walked  on two legs. The predators have always found enemies be it through religions they have founded to subdue, anything  to hate and fight, to force people to fight their wars to get to the wealth of their "neighbour".  Predators are not benevolent and benign.  They only cry out when they are hurt themselves. They are deeply flawed in their mindset and breed more of their ugly , nasty spawn to continue  their nasty games.  As long, as all people do not band together and say  NO to the predators,  they will continue to lie and to manipulate continuing  their nasty games. Most politicians are in their pockets, so there is no help from them. If, there is a politician, or other people of learning who see the wrong that is done, either way, they are  eliminated, maligned or made to look as they were the enemy. 
I guess the best is not to think about it, history has never favoured the good , always the  ugly, bad and nasty.  

©Text Ts/Three Monkeys/ 
knows, she is idealistic, the tiniest, invisible, smallest wheel in turning the world to goodness.