Sunday, October 12, 2008

No Trees, No World;

No trees, No world,
The soil is naked, burned and red;
The trees all gone,
Hacked down and dead.
No shadows,only bleaching sun;
The creatures too their course has run.
Milky blossoms are no more,
Caressing the air with balmy scents,
A deadly quiet world expands.
Cpyright T.S.

Native rain forest tree in my garden; (Tag with name got lost.)

Driveway up to the house along the orchard;

Native Frangipane tree; Hymonosporum Flavum. Every Year I look forward seeing this tree in flower. It is a sight to behold. This is a very tall tree. It is covered in gorgeous sweetly scented yellow white flowers.

Please click picture for a better view.

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