Thursday, March 5, 2009

Reading; My Desert Kingdom;

My Desert Kingdom by Jill Koolinees
Finding a life in Saudi Arabia;
First published in Australia in 2004

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.
It is uniquely personal, a great portrait, it offers a rare insight into a hidden world.

Page 83
....At various points along the coast of the Eastern Province, the miracle of fresh water occurs. On a Friday morning we set out to visit one of these places; the legendary oasis of Quatif, situated only thirty kilometres to the North of Dhahran....

Page 271
....The pilgrim route from Damascus to Mecca once ran close by Medan Saleh and, because they believed that the ancient city was accursed in the sight of Allah, the pilgrims would avert their eyes as they passed by.....

Fortune cookie: Truth is a torch that gleams through the darkness without dispelling it.

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marie-louise said...

Sounds like a very interesting book. Always like to read about countries and cultures that are so different from ours. Have to borrow this one. Happy reading. Love ML