Monday, November 16, 2009

Time to read....

when the sun sets...

A favoured time, a favoured book.. it can not get better;

The Dark Mountain by Catherine Jinks.

Based on the true story of a colonial family. This compelling tale includes a memorable cast of characters including Australia's first female Novelist. The story is set against the brooding backdrop of the Southern Highlands.

In the summer of 1836 a violent incident in the Belanglo wilderness, sets of a chain of events that transforms Charlotte's and her siblings life.

It was first published in 2008.

Oh! The light from the mountain is fading away
And the shadows creep over it chilly and grey,
I see the stark rocks in their sternness and pride;
But the flowers are hidden that grow by their side.
The tall trees are tossing their wild arms on high
As the shriek of the curlew goes mournfully by,
The cold night is coming it will not delay.
For the light from the mountain is fading away.

Louisa Atkinson calvert, ca.1850


diane said...

It is a lovely time...sunset. I don't read at that time though I often stare at the sky and daydream. I read in bed before going to sleep. I love true stories and biographies. This one sounds good. Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie said...

How was your weekend? My weekend was spent with the usual agenda, visiting nurseries on Saturday and going church on Sunday. Oh, was it only this book that you read by sunset he he... like what the title of the book says 'dark' mountain ;-) I hope that this book gives you much inspiration. I like true story books as well :-D Btw, nice shot of the sunset sky.

Kcalpesh said...

The sunset photo looks awesome! Will also definitely checkout the book, sounds interesting!

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Elfe said...

Liebe Titania

Dann wünsche ich dir viele schöne Stunden mit dem interessanten Buch und das Bild vom Sonnenuntergang ist ein Traum.

Herzliche Grüsse

Titania said...

Diane thank you for your comment. The story is sad and scary.

Stephanie thank you, yes I have generally a good weekend, sometimes I spend it with my family, grandchildren etc. and sometimes I just potter around in the garden.

Kcalpesh Thanks for stopping by.

Danke dir herzlich, Elfe.

melontha said...

Was gibt es schöneres, so ein Sonnenuntergang und ein wundervolles Buch. Bei uns gibt es zur Zeit am Morgen und auch Abends traumhafte Lichtspiele, das warme Licht der Sonne gibt dem Himmel, den Wolken und auch später der ganzen Landschaft einen wundervollen Schein.

Herzliche Grüsse Melontha