Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pictures and Paintings; a potpourri of memories;

Summer; ripe wheat, a view from a window; in the distance the village of Sommeri. Nomen est omen!

Hudelmoos; a preserved wetland area where we used to go for walks with the children.

The bee house in the garden; The poeta was a hobby bee keeper.

Our home; was; has been; happy days;

The pond where we went skating with the children.

Bought this on a trip to Appenzell; Naive painting on wood by Willi Keller.

I embroidered the Butterflies 1988.

Have we met? I received this water colour painting from my dear friend Jan.

Kilchberg ZH, drawing by Erika Streit, We got married here 1960. Our first home was Toediweg 2. The poeta had a business here. I was treasurer of the Skiclub Kilchberg. Now just memories.

The poeta and I have cherished this drawing; It has suffered with age spots like us!
The piano player is still playing his haunting tunes.


Kilauea Poetry said...

What a delightful way to share a treasured past! Each of these are beautiful. Truly inspiring as wel as the lovely butterflies you crafted Titania!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing your little treasures ;-) The Butterflies you embroidered is beautiful. I like the last drawing as well. Hope those sposts don't go any worse than that.

Elfe said...

Oh wie schön liebe Titania! Hudelmoos ist bestimmt nicht in Australien, gäll. Ein wunderschönes Haus, da kommt man direkt in den Garten hinaus, ein Traum für mich *lächel*.
Ein wenig kühlen Frühlingswind für euch im heissen Australiensommer!
Liebe Grüsse