Sunday, December 5, 2010

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Pickerel Rush; Pondeteria cordata.

This is a very pretty plant for your pond. Easy and freely flowering.

The Pickerel Rush, also known as Pickerel Weed, Pickerelweed, and Wampee,
is named after the Italian botanist, Giulio Pondeteria.
Shiny, green, spear-shaped foliage with distinctive swirling send up spikes of soft blue flowers, reaching 18 to 24" tall, or slightly more. The flower spikes grow from leaf bracts at the top of stems. The plant adapts from very shallow water to depths of up to 18".
Plant the Pickerel Rush in a 5-gallon or larger pot to accommodate strong and plump roots. The pot should be placed in sun to part shade, and the plant will bloom in late spring through early autumn. Divide plants in spring while pruning away the rotting portions from the previous year. Stolon cuttings may be taken in summer and started, or a new plant may be started from fresh seeds collected in late summer and planted. Zones 4-11.

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guild-rez said...

We have winter in Canada!!
Yuor pictures and information is welcome. Nothing blooms in our garden.
Ich wünsche Dir einen schönen Adventssonntag.
LG Gisela.

Denise said...

Those are such pretty flowers, and as our temperature this morning is 30 degrees F. here, I feel delightfully warm looking at these lovely photos. Thank you :)

Judy said...

That really is a pretty flower! I am going to guess that it is one I will never see around here, though, with Canadian winters!

Rosadimaggio63 said...

Hi Titania,
molto belli questi tuoi fiori ... devono essere anche molto profumati.
Il Natale è il periodo che preferisco di più... forse perchè mi riporta al tempo di quando ero bambina...
Il mio albero di Natale non è vero, ma finto... non mi piace il pensiero di tagliare degli alberi veri per metterci sopra dei festoni.
Averlo finto poi in casa è molto più comodo... non ci sono aghi in terra e non si spendono soldi per acquistarne sempre uno nuovo ogni anno.
Inoltre è leggero da trasportare e molto facile da comporre e scomporre !!!
Sono contenta che ti sia piaciuto, questa sera abbiamo messo anche le luci colorate che oggi, nella foto non c'erano.
Buona serata :)

Arija said...

What, oh what is that drift on your header??? The leaves are like Virginia creeper but the flowers certainly are not.

Lovely gentle lilac in that so well grown clump of flowers.