Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Been there, done this;


Place de la Concorde  one of the major public squares in ParisFrance. Measuring 8.64 hectares in area, it is the largest square in the French capital. It is located in the city's eighth arrondissement, at the eastern end of the Champs-Élysées.

In  2008  Sacré Coeur  was visited by 10,5 Million people.
7 Million visited the Eiffel Tower.
Notre Dame was visited by 13.6 Million  people.

French Trivia

A Powder Room was strictly used to powder the wig!

Coco Chanel said:" There is time for work and time for love; that leaves no other time!

Bistro comes from the word bistrouille. French slang for a mixture of inexpensive brandy and coffee!

Late in the 17Th  century small rooms designed for grooming - les toilettes, meaning both dressing room, cabinet de toilette - and the toilette itself - appeared.

Marie Antoinette was partial to purple. she splashed her private rooms in her favourite shades; washed wooden pieces in dignified greenish grey.

Centuries ago, Empress Eugenie's  love for perfumes led to a race to produce alluring perfume bottles. Today, factices - factitions,  bottles that serve as prototypes for perfumeries - are collectibles.


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