Saturday, September 14, 2013


I have invented a new word;
D'evolution!  Evolution going backwards.
The killing of species at the fastest  rate ever. Much  faster then nature intended.
Climate change the mother of all the ills we have invented and applied. The never ending rape and pollution of water, forests, fields, air etc. etc.
Think of  the newest rape,  fracking and the pollution of ground water.
Are we doomed is not a question any more, the question is how soon, when?

Imagine thousands of monster boats like the one on the picture raping the oceans. If one monster  can do it why not more? Climate change can not be helped with useless talks and band aids, while earth, water air,  are under attack because of people's never ending greed.

The every day avalanche of chemical rubbish that flows into our water systems be it rivers, lakes or the oceans.
The interference into the weather.
The poisons sprayed over fields and trees.
The many poisons used in wars,
GM changed crops what does it to bees, and other insects.
There is no end, no stop to our bad interference in anything and everything.

In the end we all are copping the result. Annihilation.
In time nature will recover as it always did, without us. D'evolution will return to Evolution again.

©Text/ Ts-Three Monkeys
Picture Greenpeace

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