Wednesday, March 9, 2016

#gameofthrones; never ending...

 Poor Europe is harassed from all sides. The politicians of the European Union in unison with  the   IMF are  the Molochs of Europe,  its executioners. ( Moloch, something possessing the power to exact severe sacrifice)

Smelling EU Fear, Turkey Moves in for $6.6bn Kill

The upshot of negotiations in Brussels this week is that Turkey is to receive a 100 percent increase in promised financial aid from the European Union – to $6.6 billion – supposedly for accommodating Syrian refugees on its territory.

Ankara also wrung a promise from Euroland that its 75 million citizens could avail of visa-free travel by as early as June this year; and, perhaps the biggest prize of all, Turkey got a commitment from Brussels to speed up its long-delayed accession to the European Union. 

A Financial Times report hinted at the delicate balancing act: “EU leaders tread carefully over Turkey’s media crackdown,” adding: “Leaders careful not to jeopardize deal with Ankara on migration.” 

Someone is laughing all the way to the bank.

  Moloch horridus, Thorny Devil, Alice Springs. 
An innocent lizard is called Moloch horridus and does not deserve this name at all. 

If you see a face like the one below, you have to be afraid. There are to many of those around. Those are the nasty, predators.They lurk in all the countries. The faces of  the global hierarchy  have all been bred with  a Moloch horridus look, as they are incapable of  a normal human behaviour. Their lust for wars, power and money has no end. Ts

There is no place in a fanatic’s head where reason can enter; 

Napoleon Bonaparte, he knew, at least he was aware of it.

Very dirty games are played on the stage of  our great world theater. All  people can do is being compliant, otherwise they are called racists and worse. There are countries with no human rights, racist and promoting genocide that are fully embraced  by UNO.  Israel and Saudi Arabia with many others are  on the forefront with human rights abuses , but the world press ignores this completely. The people are kept in ignorance and made pliable  with gilt. Their brains are kept occupied to monitor the constipation of stars, monarchs,  and others, which are worthwhile to be mentioned in  all  these simpleton  and  rubbish publications, be it Television, Papers, Magazins etc. etc. Ts

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