Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A facelift...

For my kitchen;Welcome; The front entrance which leads into the boot room and is actually the back of the house has received a facelift as well, a new door and a new colour, it looks much friendlier now!

This sunny nook in the kitchen is my favourite place!

My farm!

New mosaic tiles; new Caesar stone counter top. The cupboards were still good so they got a new laminate paint. The colour is apple bitter and it is a moody colour which changes with the light from beige to a buttery colour or a tint of green. It matches well with the wall tiles and the floor. New sleek handles and the transformation is complete.

The exhaust was not replaced as it is very efficient, so just got a new copper lining on the hood.

A new big, deep sink; on the right the well water and on the left town water. Well water is for drinking and cooking.
I like my kitchen it is simple, easy and very functional. I do not like the new super kitchens with their big stoves, to much to clean. I also do not like to many gadgets. I would not know what to do with a rice cooker! I have a few handy appliances which I use. A kitchen Aid, a stick mixer, a blender, a toaster and a Espresso machine that is about it....and I like to cook!

How does your kitchen look like, what do you like best in your kitchen? Do you like to cook?


Kilauea Poetry said...

Honestly, I think the choice of colors are really cheery..that apple with the almost deep salmon. I do like the entrance and the nook especially- I can see why you'd be thrilled with it. The tile is super too..just beautiful. It's funny you made the comment about the rice cooker. I never used one either until I came to the Islands. I was using an old cast aluminum that was my Grandmothers. Rice is big here so it's much faster. Well I hope I didn't miss anything as I can't see the page right now. Have a wonderful tomarrow. Oh..I wanted to ask about that earthquake you guys had not too long ago..were you near? (sorry so long)

Stephanie said...

What a lovely and tidy home! I especially like the farm arrangement. Those cows, pigs, horses look so so cute :-)

Ann said...

Your kitchen is so clean, do you cook in it? :P

I eat rice everyday, and the rice cooker is the best thing for A LAZY person like me. I just plug it in it in and return to my computer. But guess what happened? I was training my 13 year old son to cook rice. He started pouring the washed rice into the cooker and not the container that you are supposed to put the rice in. So I am now cooking the old fashion way.

diane said...

You lucky girl. I have been wanting my kitchen renovated for years but we keep going on holidays and spending the money. So I have to put up with a tatty one, but it still works, just hopelessly out of date.The best thing in my kitchen is my husband. he cooks and cleans it once a week. I clean up after the meals.
The colours in your kitchen a lovely and whart a cosy corner you have.

Luiz Santilli Jr said...

Marvelous photos!

If you can visit and leave a comment here!
You aided to construct this idea!


Titania said...

Hi Regina M. Thank you so much for your visit. Yes, I thought I would get some comments about the rice cooker, as they have become so popular. I understand that it is handy when you use it a lot.

Thank you Stephanie; the little farm animals are so well, with all the tiniest details done. I like them!

Ann, nice to hear from you, so is the rice cooker caputt? Yes, Ann this kitchen is used for cooking in a big way!

Hi Diane, you are very lucky to have a husband in the kitchen who actually helps! Mine has not two left hands but none in the kitchen.
Though he has done a lot of the renovating work,he is good at that!

Luiz, I completely forgot that it was Today's Flowers first anniversary. I do like that meme very much.

Kilauea Poetry said...

I came back to check in-thanks for the response. Also, I finally had to look for a map on line because I couldn't find my atlas. I wondered if you felt that earthquake as I checked..it was really off the coast of New Zealand. Still looks too far. Did you have any action with changes along the coast? We can certainly be effected but there wasn't any problem of course. Have a great day-

Carletta said...

A beautiful space!
Your back door looks so inviting. I thought it was your front door. :)

Sai, VU2SGW said...

I also want to do some renovation at my place. After having a look got many ideas. Its really cool. But renovation itself is a big pain dear friend. Anyway thanks for sharing.

Danielle said...

I must admit, I have a rice cooker/steamer and love it! I don't like to cook much but I'm learning new recipes and getting better at it. You kitchen is simply delightful! I love it. How great to have a large nice sink. The colors are very unique and probably suited just to your taste I'm guessing. The outside is splendid too. Very beautiful. I can see why you love the sunny nook off the kitchen. What a perfect place to read and relax. Thanks for you nice comment on my blog. It's been a while since I've posted on today's flowers so I've missed you :)

sonia a. mascaro said...

What a gorgeous home! You have a nice taste for decoration!

Thanks for you visiting to my place. You are always welcome!

guild-rez said...

Great facelift and terrific colours.
Love the cows - presume Holsteins?

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Michael Turner said...

I love the colors, especially the 'red'?(not sure about shade) but if anything stimulates appetite, it's red and it pops off the apple green so beautifully.

Susan's Art & Words
Voices of Living Creatively

Pia K said...

Oh I love those deep red walls, the sunny nook and the mini farm! I'm with you with not having a lot of gadgets, I wouldn't know where to put them (I have a smallish kitchen) or use them. I like to cook and bake vegetarian, but I want it to be quick (and good).

I'd love to have a makeover of my kitchen, wallpaper, tiles and cupboards, but I like its easy accessability and conveniance of everything one needs (except for the storage then).

Elfe said...

Liebe Titania

Deine Küche ist soooo schön! Und sooo viel Platz, einfach traumhaft! Der Eingang gefällt mir auch speziell gut und die sonnige Ecke, die du dir in der Küche eingerichtet hast, einfach fantastisch!

Meine Küche ist klein, halt in einer Mietwohnung und die Küche nicht gerade modern, doch es genügt mir für meine Zwecke. Ich bin gerne in meiner Küche, neben meinem Schlafzimmer ist sie für mich der wichtigste Raum in meiner Wohnung.

Manchmal träume ich schon von einer so topmodernen Küche wie man sie manchmal in den Magazinen sieht, doch so viel koche ich gar nicht, dass ich das wirklich bräuchte. Ich koche gerne frisches Gemüse für mich und esse gerne Salat und Früchte. So Spezialgeräte, die viel Platz versperren brauche ich nicht, den Reis koche ich mir in einer gewöhnlichen Pfanne. Und manchmal esse ich auch etwas Kleines in der Stadt, um aus dem Haus zu kommen.

Liebe Grüsse in deine Tage, schön beginnt bei euch bald der Frühling

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Titania,
I love your home! Your kitchen is very homey, just what I like. I don't think cupboard doors like yours are available. I was very unhappy with my husband for getting rid of the original, or at least previous cupboard doors that were in the garage when we moved in. They are similar to yours, and I had hoped to put them in the kitchen before we had any inkling of having it remodeled.

I had to hunt for your kitchen post. I think I'll try putting a link to it in my comment section so I can find it again to look at.