Monday, August 31, 2009

Today's Flowers; Dendrobium speciosum;

RockOrchids; Dendrobium speciosum are flowering at the end of winter.

It is a wonderful show when the big sprays of orchid flowers appear. They have a very distinctive fragrance, not sweet, but still very special when you smell it you know the rock orchids are flowering.

A native orchid that grows on rocks or trees. It has sprays of small, creamy-yellow flowers, thick, leathery leaves and swollen, bulbous roots (called pseudobulbs). The flowers appear in spring. A third petal in the centre of each flower is known as the lip, which serves as a landing strip for insect pollinators.

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Thank you to Luiz Santilli jr. and his team.


Ann said...

The leaves are so lush.The sprays simply gorgous.

My parents used to grow orchids, they used broken bricks, charcoal and semi crushed eggs shells. Then they hang thme up in baskets. They never grew them in soil.

Stephanie said...

Very splashy and gorgeous Tatania! Do you have a lot of orchids in your garden?

Titania said...

Ann, thanks for your comment, yes, I think that is the right way to plant Orchids.

Stephanie; I grow some, but not a lot. I like Epidendrums and other easy ones! Thank you for stopping by.

ROSIDAH said...

What a beautiful orchid! Have a great week, Titania :)

guild-rez said...

Stunning and beautiful orchids.
Perhaps we can exchange mushrooms and orchids;)?
Thank you for showing and sharing your pictures.
Mushrooms in our area grow mostly during late summer and fall.
They need very moist and warm conditions. Our mushrooms grow quite often on old trees, forest floor and meadows.
Visiting the "Temperest Forests" of British Columbia and Alaska allowed me to see so many different lichens, fungi and mushrooms. Almost missed the departure of our cruise ship.
Enough of the world of mushrooms.
Liebe Grüsse,

diane said...

What a beautiful show. It is so big. You must have 2 green thumbs.

Elfe said...

Halo Titania
Fantastisch schöne Orchidee, erstaunlich was bei euch im Winter wächst. Ich kann den feinen Geruch fast wahrnehmen in meiner Fantasie *lächel*.
Liebe Grüsse

Judy said...

Wonderful luxurious flowers!!!

Laura said...

I have visited all your blogs .. yuo really have energy - I have trouble keeping up with one!

Dewdrop said...

I love orchids!!! Beautiful!

Titania said...

Rosidah, Thank you;

Yes, Gisela, I am amazed how beautiful and interesting mushrooms and fungi are and the important role they play.

Diane, Thanks for your compliment, in my case it is mostly the good luck of nature!

Thank you,

Laura, sometimes I am wilting!

Dewdrop, thank you for your comment.

Kcalpesh said...

These flowers are very beautiful! I'm sure the distinctive fragrance it has must be very pleasant!

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful flowers, it all looks so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.